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Technical Support

On-Line Documentation

When you have a question, first consider the Help system in your product (use the Help Menu, the F1 key, or the Help button “?”). There are over 1500 pages of documentation in CarSim that can be quickly searched using the Search Help item from the Help menu.

If your software contract is currently in maintenance, then you can get personal tech support by email or telephone. (Email is recommended for more technical issues because you can attach files that help us reproduce your situation.)

Email Support

The most efficient way to get custom support is by submitting a ticket with our Support Center:

Click here to send a tech support ticket

You will require a Mechanical Simulation account to submit a ticket. If you do not already have one, you may register here: Click here register for a Mechnical Simulation account

Telephone Support

Call (734) 668-2930 and ask for technical support. Please have the following information available:

  1. Your name, phone number, email address, and company name.
  2. Your Key ID (see sidebar about the Key ID).
  3. Your software version (Help -> About ...), plus the version for any software you are using to extend the math models (for example, Simulink).
  4. A detailed description of your problem and the steps you took to arrive at your questions.

Web Resources

This website has a Users section with updates, technical memos, downloadable examples, and news about reported bugs and workarounds. This section of the web site requires a login: your key ID number and email of the license holder (your email is the password). If you have any questions or problems accessing the user section, please send an email to licensecontrol@carsim.com.

What Is a Key ID?

Your Key ID is used by Mechanical Simulation to determine your license type and maintenance status.  You will be asked for the Key ID when logging into the Users section of the website or when requesting technical support.

Dongle Keys

Your KEY ID is printed on the dongle.


All Users

From the browser (carsim.exe, bikesim.exe, or trucksim.exe) use the Tools->License Settings menu item to bring up a window showing your Key ID and other information.

Click the picture for a full size view of the license settings, including the Key ID.
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