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Video Formats

Starting in 2014, videos are played through YouTube, to provide resolution and streaming customized for your computer or device.

Older videos are played with or without flash, depending on the type of device you are using.

Each video is recorded in MP4 format. Most video pages also have links to the MP4 files so they can be downloaded for later viewing without internet access.

Instructional/Demo Video Series

The following video/tutorial series demonstrate the basic use of our software.


New Features in CarSim, TruckSim, and BikeSim 2019.0

January 2019. Dr. Michael Sayers demonstrates the new features of CarSim, TruckSim and BikeSim 2019.0.


CarSim Demo Tutorial — Video Series

Aug 2015. Dr. Michael Sayers demonstrates CarSim. If you have not seen CarSim or are a new user, view this demo to see how the software works by itself and with Simulink (the total time is 36 minutes). The demonstration is made with CarSim; the same methods apply for BikeSim and TruckSim.


VehicleSim Basics — Video Series

April 2013. Each video in this series covers a basic part of VehicleSim technology. They assume some familiarity with the software (you should view the Demo tutorial first).

Presentations of Interesting Simulations


TraceTronic ECU-Test Demonstration with CarSim

February 2019. ECU-TEST is test automation software from TraceTronic and CarSim, as the virtual vehicle.


About Mechanical Simulation

May 2014. This video provides an overview of our company and summarizes our products.

VS Visualizer with Heads Up Display

April 2013. Demonstration of VS Visualizer with heads up display (HUD). The MP4 doesn't have the quality of VS Visualizer, but it shows the basic idea.

Driving a racecourse on a 6-DOF Hexapod

May 2012. See and hear video of Phil Mather driving a CarSim model through a local racecourse using a 6-DOF hexapod at Mechanical Simulation.

Past Presentations

The following videos are recorded powerpoint presentations and demos.

CarSim 8.1 Engine Mount Model (2010 User Conference)

Nov. 2010. Dr. Yukio Watanabe demonstrates and explains the CarSim engine mount model.

Driving Simulator Applications for Engineers

Aug. 2009. Doug Orrin explains how CarSim is used in driving simulators around the word. In addition to their traditional roles in training and human factor research, driving simulators are now also used for advanced engineering applications.
Sensors and Traffic

Sensors and Traffic in CarSim 8

July 2009. CEO Dr. Michael Sayers demonstrates how CarSim provides traffic vehicles and ranging and detection sensors. The same capabilities also apply in BikeSim and TruckSim.

Model-Based Design of an SUV Anti-Rollover Control System

April 2009. Dr. Thomas Gillespie joins Vinod Cherian of The Mathworksto explain the mechanics of rollover, how selective brake application can help resist rollover, and how to design a controller for this purpose using Simulink together with CarSim.
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