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Upcoming Live Web Seminars

Mechanical Simulation is presenting a series of web seminars designed to discuss focused solutions to a variety of vehicle dynamics challenges. These online seminars are the perfect opportunity to learn more about our software from the convenience of your own PC! All you need is an internet connection to watch and a phone line or computer headset to listen to our applications and experts in action, as they present features of the software and respond to your questions. For a more detailed introduction, please sign up for one of our training classes.

The times posted below are given in US Eastern Time (ET).

New schedule TBD  


To enroll, go to this online form: http://carsim.webex.com. Please use your company or university issued email address when registering.

For additional information please contact Sherry Walker at (734) 668-2930, ext. 201 or email Sherry.

Mechanical Simulation reserves the right to change or cancel these web seminars at any time.

Download Past Seminars

Our web seminars are run by the WebEx company (see www.webex.com). Compressed audio-video recordings are made in their WRF format and can be viewed with the WebEx player, available as a free download from the WebEx web site.

Go to our webcast download page to download and view past seminars.

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