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Dr. Thomas Gillespie has decades of experience designing, researching, teaching, and consulting in vehicle dynamics.
Animation shapes created for specific vehicles. Click a thumbnail image to see the full size.

Custom Work

Although our main business is to provide the best software in the field, we can also help with specialized projects involving our software.

We have a staff of engineers and scientists with over 100 years combined experience in vehicle dynamics and simulation. We also work with outside experts experienced in using our software who are available to solve real vehicle/component development or testing problems.

Custom Math Models

We provide unique math models for vehicle axle/trailer configurations that are not included in the standard CarSim and TruckSim packages. Our advanced model development technology allows us to create new math models in a fraction of the time (and cost) that were needed in the past, while retaining our high efficiency and compatibility with Simlink and other third-party software.

Data Sets and Animations

If you have a project where you need a data set for a specific vehicle or class of vehicles, and do not have the time or experience to develop a representative data set, then we might be able to help.

CarSim, TruckSim, and BikeSim include many vehicle shapes for immediate use. We can also create custom shapes to be used to give your project a professional edge by providing realistic animations. Match the results from your state-of-the-art simulation with high fidelity animation shapes to enhance presentations to management.

Using custom shapes gives you these advantages:

  • Built to fit your specifications
  • Proprietary details can be kept confidential
  • Rapid turn around time
  • Optimized for best animator performance
  • No limits in distribution

A "land train" custom math model generated for use in TruckSim. Click for full size.
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